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Kenton Brothers’ New Online Division Introduces WatchMyStuff(tm) Video Surveillance Technology

News Release Kenton Brothers Inc. 1718 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108 816-842-3700 or 888-536-8661, Release Date: Feb. 24, 2011 Contact: Susan Pepperdine, 913-262-7414, cell 913-205-5304, or Kenton Brothers' New Online Division Introduces WatchMyStuffTM Video Surveillance Technology Kansas City, MO. ... WatchMyStuffTM, a revolutionary new Internet technology that allows small businesses to cost-effectively install high-security video surveillance, is being introduced by SecureMyStuffTM, the newly established online division of Kenton Brothers Inc. WatchMyStuffTM is an innovative, proprietary video technology that for the first time allows business owners to monitor live or recorded video from anywhere in world simply by connecting to the Internet via computer or mobile device. WatchMyStuffTM is designed to meet the needs of small businesses that require an affordable, easy-to-use security system. For a low monthly fee, the hosted video surveillance system can be installed at multiple small locations to increase security, prevent inventory loss, and monitor temporary workers and cleaning crews. Applications also include TrashCam to prevent dumping abuses and RoboReceptionist to improve customer service. By using cameras' advanced plug-and-play technology that connects into a company's existing network or wireless access point, WatchMyStuffTM eliminates the need for an expensive, complex DVR or video management equipment. Clients simply log onto to monitor their locations. In a demonstration video, a jewelry store alarm sounds and a recorded voice loudly warns an attempted robber: "You have been photographed and recorded...The video is already stored at another site and a notification has been sent," so destroying the camera is pointless. In real time, the store owner receives the video on his smart phone and notifies the police in seconds. Watch My Stuff can also be used for deterrence by configuring the system to automatically send alerts of triggering events, such as people loitering after hours or someone throwing things in a Dumpster. Flashing lights and a booming voice help scare off any would-be thieves or troublemakers. On the positive side, business owners can use the system to recognize employees who are working after hours and weekends or otherwise contributing beyond the norm. To demonstrate the system's benefits, Kenton Brothers recently partnered with Spay & Neuter Kansas City by donating WatchMyStuffTM hosted video surveillance and monitoring to protect the staff, dogs, cats and property at their inner-city facility at 59th and Troost in Kansas City, Mo. "The system allows us to keep our back door secured and monitored at all times, so our staff definitely feels more secure," notes Michelle Rivera, president. In addition to the security benefits, WatchMyStuffTM allows Spay & Neuter managers to evaluate and improve day-to-day operating procedures. "We can now see what's happening at our front desk from wherever we are," Rivera points out. "That lets us improve our customer service by stepping in when needed to make sure visitors are being greeted and assisted without a long wait." For information contact Kenton Brothers at 816-842-3700 or 888-536-8661, or visit . Kenton Brothers Inc. Systems for Security is a fourth generation security systems company that has been securing the people, property and possessions of commercial businesses in Kansas City for more than a century. Founded in 1897, the company provides security and technology consultation services to commercial, industrial and government organizations. Kenton Brothers is a leader in the design, specification, installation and ongoing service of both electronic and mechanical security systems.


Systems for Security
Founded in 1897, Kenton Brothers is Kansas City's oldest security company. KB is dedicated to the sale and support of systems that protect people, property and possessions.


Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations. The company is the global market leader in network video, driving the ongoing shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Secure My Stuff is a proud partner of Axis Communications.


Spay & Neuter KC
We have partnered with Spay & Neuter Kansas City because we believe in their efforts to help animals! Through their efforts, shelter intake has dropped 35% and euthanasia has dropped 55% in 3 years. In support of their work, we donate our hosted video surveillance and monitoring solution to protect their facility and furry residents.