How SecureMyStuff Uses Cloud Computing To Save Your Business Time, Money, and Energy

Cloud computing is basically defined as servers that are hosted in data centers instead of in your own building.  For detailed information on Cloud Computing, check out Wikipedia here. Ok, so you may be wondering, "What does cloud computing have to do with video surveillance?" Keep reading and we'll tell you! Traditionally, video surveillance systems require LOTS of hardware installed at your building and technical people to keep the systems up and running.  It also means that a business owner has to have good power, internet connectivity and backup solutions in place to guarantee that their video system is working.  All of this boils down to a lot of time and  expense. No business owner wants that. SecureMyStuffTM (SMS) hosts their video surveillance solution with a  carrier class data facility located in downtown Kansas City.  This allows SMS to provide excellent up time for our hosted solution and unlimited capacity for growth as we continue to add new clients. SecureMyStuffTM has chosen to go with a “cloud” based model for several reasons, including.
  • Significant savings in hardware infrastructure.
  • Significant savings in technical resources required to maintain the system.
  • Green solution based on the shared infrastructure at the hosting company = better for the environment.
  • Easy to install. Just order a camera and plug it in or connect it to your wireless network.
  • Easy to modify after the installation. If the business owner needs another camera, all they have to do is order it and plug it in.
For more information about SecureMyStuffTM, give us a call at 1-888-536-8661.
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