Trash Cam: What Is It? And Why Do Our Clients Care?

We’ve been asking our clients what one of their biggest concerns is regarding the security of their property. Time and time again, the response is the dumpster.  Several building owners and managers around Kansas City have had trouble keeping an eye on their outdoor trash dumpsters. Many have found mattresses, couches, TVs, and other various objects left in their dumpsters by trespassers or former tenants. When items like these are left in a dumpster, the owner incurs additional charges from their trash pickup provider.  Since dumpsters are typically left unattended and sit in a location that is out of view of the general public, trespassers are able to dump unwanted items at all hours of the day without being seen. At Kenton Brothers, we’ve had items placed in our dumpster illegally so we decided to unveil the “Trash Cam” by SecureMyStuff.  The “Trash Cam” is our eye in the sky that alerts us of any activity at the dumpster site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This ensures we are able to keep an eye on the activity at the dumpster, as well as allowing us to identify and pursue violators and trespassers.  Follow some simple instructions in order to take a look at the live demo feed of our “Trash Cam” here. Have you or other business owners you know had experiences with unwanted or illegal dumping? Share your stories in the comments section below and give us a call today if you want to learn more about putting the "Trash Cam" to work for your business!
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