Thursday July 18 , 2024
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WatchMyStuff is an affordable cloud-based
surveillance solution that sends alerts to
your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Small Businesses Want Enterprise Security Capabilities The Old Way The New Way Get Started Today!
Small Businesses Want Enterprise Security Capabilities Small businesses have the same security requirements as big businesses.  They need to protect their people, property and possessions.  The problem is that small businesses typically don't have big business budgets or IT resources.
The Old Way Traditional Security Surveillance Systems are a challenge to set up and maintain:
  • Cheap cameras with poor resolution
  • Lots and lots of wiring
  • A Digital Video Recorder that can be stolen
  • Time consuming setup, programming and training
The New Way WatchMyStuffTM allows you to set up Enterprise quality video surveillance quickly and cost effectively. When you order your system from us, we ship you cutting edge cameras that will plug into your existing network or connect to your wireless access point.  You can be up and running in an afternoon and can view your cameras from anywhere in the world.
Get Started Today! All you have to do to begin the process of having your own Enterprise class video surveillance system is contact one of our security experts by calling us at (816) 842-3700 or (888) 536-8661.  We look forward to talking with you soon!


Our WatchMyStuff hosted video surveillance service makes it easy for you to monitor your people, property and possessions while at work or at home.


Systems for Security
Founded in 1897, Kenton Brothers is Kansas City's oldest security company. KB is dedicated to the sale and support of systems that protect people, property and possessions.


Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations. The company is the global market leader in network video, driving the ongoing shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Secure My Stuff is a proud partner of Axis Communications.


Spay & Neuter KC
We have partnered with Spay & Neuter Kansas City because we believe in their efforts to help animals! Through their efforts, shelter intake has dropped 35% and euthanasia has dropped 55% in 3 years. In support of their work, we donate our hosted video surveillance and monitoring solution to protect their facility and furry residents.