Property Managers Can Help Tenants Feel Safe and Secure with SecureMyStuff!

Property managers face a difficult task of providing security for the buildings they manage due to the sometimes high cost of traditional video security systems.  It can be hard for property managers to present the value of a traditional system to their tenants or owners if they are unable to absorb the cost.  This is exactly why SecureMyStuff is a perfect option for property managers in these instances. Rather than make a large upfront investment on equipment and network infrastructure, property managers have the option of installing cameras at a low initial cost and paying a low monthly fee for hosted video services.  SecureMyStuff hosts network service with monthly fees dependent on the amount of time a facility wants to store the captured video.  This minimizes costs to the property owner and tenants, and ensures the safety and security of the property. It's a great solution...for everyone! To see how hosted IP video technologies work, view our demos and service plans today!
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1 Comment

  1. I am very interested in this product/service as a cost effective way of protecting our “smaller” managed properties. Please send me more information.