Have You Experienced Vandalism At Your Community Swimming Pool? We Can Help.

*Post written by Penny Jackson, Marketing and Sales Specialist for Kenton Brothers and SecureMyStuff THE PROBLEM I’ve received several calls this spring and early summer from Homeowners Association (HOA) members and property managers who are concerned about the security of their community pools. Homeowners Associations are putting more and more money into the cleaning, maintenance and repair of their community pools due to vandals and trespassers. In fact, I was just discussing this issue with a friend a couple of weeks ago. He lives in a subdivision that has a community pool that has been vandalized and they have had to deal with the destruction left behind. Several HOA members suspect local teenagers that live within the subdivision are to blame. When damage or vandalism happens at the community pool, all members of the homeowners association have to pitch in extra money in order to clean and repair the pool.  Understandably, they want a solution that can identify the perpetrators and share the information with police. Or, if the perpetrator is someone within their community, they can approach the specific homeowner about the situation. This helps ensure that only the guilty party is responsible for the damage and clean up, rather than placing the financial burden on all members of the HOA. THE SOLUTION The problem most homeowners associations run into is the fact that the majority of inexpensive security strategies available to them are retroactive or merely passive attempts at security (alarms, lights, “no trespassing” signs, or fences around the perimeter). As most of us know, a simple fence and locked gate is not going to deter a trespasser or vandal, nor is it going to identify the perpetrator. WatchMyStuff is an ideal option for HOA's determined to keep an eye on the community swimming pool from anywhere in the world.  WatchMyStuff is a hosted, internet-based video camera system that is inexpensive (plans start around $33/mo.) and easy to use.  The cameras available through WatchMyStuff have the ability to send alerts upon activity within the camera’s field of view and the video clips can be viewed at www.securemystuffonline.com on any capable smart phone, laptop, or personal desktop computer. Trespassers and vandals can literally be caught red handed and police can be dispatched immediately before any further damage is done.  To learn more about WatchMyStuff and to see a live demo, click here.  For more information, give us a call today at 1-888-536-8661.
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