WatchMyStuff Featured In MetroWireKC’s “Business in Motion”

Gina Stuelke by Kenton Brothers is quickly gaining attention in the local marketplace. In fact, MetroWireKC recently featured a story on SecureMyStuff and Kenton Brothers CEO Gina Stuelke. SecureMyStuffonline video security cameras can offer an easy and inexpensive alternative way to secure clients properties using hosted service.  Kenton Brothers CEO Gina Stuelke was proud to say “We’re able to prevent things from happening because alerts can be sent to let you know someone is tampering with your dumpster or doing something on the property. The client can see what’s going on and choose to take action before something happens.” Since WatchMyStuff is hosted on the SecureMyStuff network by Kenton Brothers, it requires less critical infrastructure and investment on the part of the client, making it an excellent option for smaller businesses that don’t have the infrastructure needed for traditional video systems. Plus, you can watch your security camera feeds and recorded events from anywhere in the world.  As long as you’ve got an internet capable phone, tablet, laptop, or pc, you can log into the SecureMyStuffonline site and immediately view what your security camera is capturing. “We are focusing on being part of the leading edge in technology as it relates to the security world,” says Stuelke. “It’s an exciting time for our business.” To read the full article, go to or to learn more about WatchMyStuff, visit our web site
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