Tuesday May 28 , 2024

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What Do America’s Funniest Home Videos And SecureMyStuff Have In Common?

This week's post is written by Penny Jackson, Marketing and Sales Specialist for SecureMyStuff and Kenton Brothers... Every Sunday night, at my 9 year old daughter's insistence, my family gathers around the TV in our living room to watch America's Funniest Home Videos. With all of the commitments our family has throughout an average week, we rarely have time to just enjoy each other’s company and share a laugh.  We look forward to this weekly tradition as it lets us relax and have a good chuckle before another whirlwind week of work, school and sports commitments. Recently, we were watching AFV host Tom Bergeron present us with hilarious footage sent to ABC from all over the country and I noticed that one of the videos supplied happened to be from a security camera.  I realized that funny security camera footage isn’t all that unusual and it made me also think of TV shows like “World’s Dumbest Criminals.”  Those shows THRIVE on silly clips that happened to be picked up by security cameras. So now I’ve got this all-consuming desire to catch someone doing something really amusing on our cameras here at our offices.  I mean, wouldn’t it be great to win that $10,000 prize, or even the $100,000 prize and a Disney vacation for my family, just by submitting a funny video captured by our security cameras? Our SecureMyStuff Trash Cam alone has picked up some funny nuggets of security camera outtakes.  In fact, a few weeks ago we all gathered around my computer monitor to giggle over the live security feed of our local dumpster diver digging through our dumpster in broad daylight.  The funny part wasn’t that he was digging around in there, but that he literally had his entire body upside down in the dumpster, with only his feet dangling out over the edge.  It was funny in a cartoonish sort of way. That’s one ambitious dumpster diver. Two weeks ago our Trash Cam picked up video of someone trying to physically move our dumpster.  As soon as motion was detected by the camera, the system sent us an alert that something was happening at the dumpster.  Our dumpster is chained to the side of the building, so we were all curious to see why someone was trying to move our dumpster.  As we watched the live feed online through the SecureMyStuff web site, we got quite a show of these guys using our loading dock/ ramp to practice trick bike jumps. Now I know these aren’t the best examples of funny videos caught by security cameras, but now I’m bound and determined to watch each video alert from our camera with new interest.  The great thing about the security cameras like the ones we offer at SecureMyStuff is that you have the ability to watch your property online, and you may even get lucky and have something entertaining to share with others (or enter to AFV for a big cash award). Take a look below at some of the hilarious security camera captured clips I found on YouTube. Have you captured something funny, unbelievable, or just plain stupid on your security cameras?  Share it with us! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-y8Sd3l96c&feature=related

Caught On Tape…Thanks To The Trash Cam!

Do you remember the story we posted two weeks ago titled "Trash Cam: What Is It? And Why Do Our Clients Care?" Well, now we have photographic evidence of someone that we see in our parking lot quite often these days and have captured his every move on our Trash Cam by SecureMyStuff.  As you can see from the pictures below, we were able to take screenshots of the video and catch him in the act. While this may be a relatively harmless example of how the Trash Cam works, you can see how handy it can be for your business during late nights and weekends when a dumpster is left alone and vulnerable in a dark alley or parking lot. Visit the demos page of the SecureMyStuff web site to see live videos of our Trash Cam and other video feeds. If you would like more information on the Trash Cam or other surveillance services offered by SecureMyStuff, call us today at 1-888-536-8661.

Trash Cam: What Is It? And Why Do Our Clients Care?

We’ve been asking our clients what one of their biggest concerns is regarding the security of their property. Time and time again, the response is the dumpster.  Several building owners and managers around Kansas City have had trouble keeping an eye on their outdoor trash dumpsters. Many have found mattresses, couches, TVs, and other various objects left in their dumpsters by trespassers or former tenants. When items like these are left in a dumpster, the owner incurs additional charges from their trash pickup provider.  Since dumpsters are typically left unattended and sit in a location that is out of view of the general public, trespassers are able to dump unwanted items at all hours of the day without being seen. At Kenton Brothers, we’ve had items placed in our dumpster illegally so we decided to unveil the “Trash Cam” by SecureMyStuff.  The “Trash Cam” is our eye in the sky that alerts us of any activity at the dumpster site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This ensures we are able to keep an eye on the activity at the dumpster, as well as allowing us to identify and pursue violators and trespassers.  Follow some simple instructions in order to take a look at the live demo feed of our “Trash Cam” here. Have you or other business owners you know had experiences with unwanted or illegal dumping? Share your stories in the comments section below and give us a call today if you want to learn more about putting the "Trash Cam" to work for your business!


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